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I have historically been a very private person so here's a little - actually a lot and perhaps too much - about me as a special treat to my valued readership. 

I was born in 1964. My parents and my later stepdad were politically active. There was a scandal in the UK trash tabloid media when my mum eloped with my stepdad when I was aged about 6 months old. Both my mum and later stepdad were married with 2 infants each. My stepdad abandoned his wife and 2 infant children and my elder brother and myself went with my mum and later stepdad pursued by the paperazzi (August 64). [ed: I was disguised dressed as a pink rabbit, pink being the traditional colour for baby girls ;)

I was abused and neglected throughout childhood causing some mental health issues. While it caused these issues it also made me very capable, tough and resilient. Many people have presumed that denying my sexuality caused my mental health issues but that's incorrect and I've never denied nor been ashamed of my sexuality.

I am fairly certain that I have at least one child that I have never met. These things happen when you're young, beautiful, mad and (then) drink and take drugs excessively. Many people have different fathers that the ones assigned to them. 

I have a generalised dislike of doctors, teachers, lecturers, social workers and right-wing politicians because of historical abuse I have endured. Even my stepdad turned out to be a secret Tory or UKIPer in his later years. 

I appear to have a lot of respect from journalists. I hope that this is because of my original investigative journalism into the alleged London bombings of 2005 and the murder of Jean Charles de Menezes. I have also helped journalists on other issues. 

Many people were total cnuts to me during the Blair (and Blair) era. Clearly they are nowhere near a match and are beneath me. 

Despite having computing knowledge I find it challenging  with the resources stacked against me. I'm investigating software updates being used maliciously atm. 

I am very grateful to the countless people who have helped me. There are far too many to mention so I'll just mention one so at least they can have a chuckle - BTP, no not the British transport Police who actually acted decisively against me on one occasion ;)

That's enough for now. I may expand on it. 

Wishing you season's greetings. 

[9.33 ed: I try to avoid misleading people since I don't see any purpose to it. 

I am not ashamed of suffering from mental health issues since it's a consequence of abuse and neglect in childhood over which I had no control. It's from coping mechanisms to survive that. It was enlightening and liberating when I finally realised exactly what it was. [9.45: and thanks to my friend at 2005 G7 who helped me with that :)

One of the reasons this blog is popular is because it's different, unique even.] 

1/11/22 I'm a single cycling daddy. I like younger 20s or 30s shame that they're so unreliable not too keen on chubby sorry (unless early 20s) vanilla or >vanilla. 420, clean imported lager like Peroni, porter or stout without adulterants, brandy, cognac, rum. Don't mind meeting repeatedly. One younger girl used to get me drunk to take me home with her ... 

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