Greenpeace ends oil rig occupation as Shell launches legal action to sue group

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Greenpeace activists in inflatable boats approaching Shell platform Image: Alice Russell / Greenpeace

ENVIRONMENT activists ended their occupation of a 34,000-tonne oil rig today as it arrived in Norway.

But multibillion-pound energy corporation Shell is suing campaign group Greenpeace for more than £100,000 in compensation for costs incurred by the operation, including extra security.

Six activists began their occupation north of the Canary Islands as it was being towed to Haugesund in south-west Norway.

The occupiers boarded the rig from sea-going dinghies in a daring raid on January 31.

In a final stand at 10.30am at Haugesund today, the occupiers climbed the platform’s 125-metre flare boom and waved a banner saying “Stop drilling. Start paying.”

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