Braverman accused of adopting fascist tactics in grooming gang crackdown

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I noticed these nasty dog-whistle politics from Braverman. It struck me that the Fascists that Braverman is reaching out to – since they are often poorly educated and engage in mistaken and misleading stereotypes – would in all likelyhood recognise Braverman and Prime Minister Rishi Sunak as ‘Pakis’. It’s desperate politics.

4/3/23 To clarify the term Paki will not be applied correctly according to ethnicity or heritage. It’s abuse applied to anyone not quite white who tans easily, certainly Braverman and Sunak.

SUELLA BRAVERMAN was accused of “borrowing from fascists and Nazis” today by singling out Pakistani men as being responsible for grooming girls for sexual abuse in Britain.

The Home Secretary has caused outrage after yet more inflammatory language when addressing the government’s crackdown on grooming gangs.

She said a “predominance of certain ethnic groups – and I say British Pakistani males” saw women “in a demeaned and illegitimate way and pursue an outdated and frankly heinous approach in terms of the way they behave.”

But the singling out of a specific ethnic group flies in the face of previous Home Office-commissioned research, which found most group child sex offenders are men under the age of 30, and the majority are white.

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