‘Inflammatory, polarising and dehumanising’

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Braverman slammed for using ‘abhorrent and divisive’ rhetoric as anti-refugee Bill debated

SUELLA BRAVERMAN was slammed by anti-racists and migrant rights campaigners today after saying that those coming to Britain through non-government approved routes “have values at odds with our country.”

As the Illegal Migrant Bill returned to the Commons today, the Home Secretary said: “We are seeing heightened levels of criminality when related to the people who’ve come on boats, related to drug dealing, exploitation, prostitution.”

The Bill, dubbed the anti-refugee Bill by human rights groups, will change the law so that those who arrive in Britain on small boats and other dangerous routes will be detained and removed to the country they were trying to get away from or to a third country such as Rwanda.

It is expected to pass in the Commons but could face obstacles in the Lords.


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Proposed changes to Illegal Migration Bill are a ‘clear and serious breach of international law’

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Government plans to make the ‘anti-refugee Bill’ harsher by allowing ministers to ignore European Court of Human Rights

ANY ministerial efforts to ignore European Court of Human Rights orders stopping the removal of migrants would threaten the rule of law, leading legal figures warned today.

The warnings follow reports that the government and Home Secretary Suella Braverman has caved in to backbench Tory rebels and agreed to make the Illegal Migrant Bill, dubbed the “anti-refugee Bill” by critics, more harsh.

Amendments include allowing ministers to ignore European judges and “Rule 39” interdiction orders in certain situations and requiring British judges to decide on deportations would cause “serious and irreversible harm.”

One group of Tory MPs said a deal has been reached with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak on the amendments as he hopes to see off a backbench rebellion in Commons.


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Braverman accused of adopting fascist tactics in grooming gang crackdown

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I noticed these nasty dog-whistle politics from Braverman. It struck me that the Fascists that Braverman is reaching out to – since they are often poorly educated and engage in mistaken and misleading stereotypes – would in all likelyhood recognise Braverman and Prime Minister Rishi Sunak as ‘Pakis’. It’s desperate politics.

4/3/23 To clarify the term Paki will not be applied correctly according to ethnicity or heritage. It’s abuse applied to anyone not quite white who tans easily, certainly Braverman and Sunak.


SUELLA BRAVERMAN was accused of “borrowing from fascists and Nazis” today by singling out Pakistani men as being responsible for grooming girls for sexual abuse in Britain.

The Home Secretary has caused outrage after yet more inflammatory language when addressing the government’s crackdown on grooming gangs.

She said a “predominance of certain ethnic groups – and I say British Pakistani males” saw women “in a demeaned and illegitimate way and pursue an outdated and frankly heinous approach in terms of the way they behave.”

But the singling out of a specific ethnic group flies in the face of previous Home Office-commissioned research, which found most group child sex offenders are men under the age of 30, and the majority are white.


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Hundreds of experts sign letter against government’s anti-asylum seeker Bill

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Demonstrators protesting against the Illegal Migration Bill in Parliament Square, London, during the second reading of the the bill in the House of Commons this evening. Picture date: Monday March 13, 2023.


HUNDREDS of academic experts signed a joint letter today, condemning the Tory government’s anti-asylum seeker Bill as “not evidence based, workable or legal under human rights law.”

More than 300 scholars from mostly British universities warned that the Illegal Migration Bill will not stop small boats crossing the Channel but would increase “the chance of death” as people are funnelled into more dangerous journeys.

The letter – published online and in The Times newspaper – called the legislation, which cleared its first Commons hurdle on Monday, a “deterrence approach” by ministers in response to increasing numbers fleeing war and persecution.

But the experts warned that there is “no evidence that we are aware of to suggest that deterrence-based approaches are effective.”


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Saluting Gary Lineker: challenge state racism. Don’t conform to it

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THE BBC has reportedly rebuked Gary Lineker for describing the government’s anti-refugee rhetoric as “language not dissimilar to that used by Germany in the ’30s.”

The famous footballer and presenter’s tweet has enraged Tory MPs, some of whom have called for him to be sacked. But he is not the first to have called out the grim historical precedent.

It was child Holocaust survivor Joan Salter who confronted Home Secretary Suella Braverman earlier this year, pointing to exactly the same parallels between Nazi demonisation of Jews and the language she uses when attacking refugees.

This Tory administration is extremist. Braverman admits she thinks it more likely than not her plans breach the European Convention on Human Rights, which we as a country are obliged to respect: she doesn’t care.

But the countering voice for a more compassionate, principled approach is absent from Westminster. Labour scaremongers over boat crossings as well to claim the Tories have lost control.


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