Proposed changes to Illegal Migration Bill are a ‘clear and serious breach of international law’

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Government plans to make the ‘anti-refugee Bill’ harsher by allowing ministers to ignore European Court of Human Rights

ANY ministerial efforts to ignore European Court of Human Rights orders stopping the removal of migrants would threaten the rule of law, leading legal figures warned today.

The warnings follow reports that the government and Home Secretary Suella Braverman has caved in to backbench Tory rebels and agreed to make the Illegal Migrant Bill, dubbed the “anti-refugee Bill” by critics, more harsh.

Amendments include allowing ministers to ignore European judges and “Rule 39” interdiction orders in certain situations and requiring British judges to decide on deportations would cause “serious and irreversible harm.”

One group of Tory MPs said a deal has been reached with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak on the amendments as he hopes to see off a backbench rebellion in Commons.

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