Court confirms Greenpeace right to peaceful protest as activists’ 200 hour long protest against deep sea mining in the Pacific continues

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Amsterdam, The Netherlands —  A Dutch court has largely rejected a request by a deep seabed mining company to issue an injunction against protest by Greenpeace International, stating that it is “understandable” the organisation has resorted to direct action in the face of the “possibly very serious consequences” of the company’s plans.

Greenpeace International activists from the Rainbow Warrior attach a flag reading 'Stop Deep Sea Mining'' to a cable holding the prototype robot Patania II in April 2021. (Photo: Marten van Dijl/Greenpeace)
Greenpeace International activists from the Rainbow Warrior attach a flag reading ‘Stop Deep Sea Mining” to a cable holding the prototype robot Patania II in April 2021. (Photo: Marten van Dijl/Greenpeace)

In the case brought by NORI, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Metals Company (TMC), the judgement states that Greenpeace International’s climbers who were occupying the vessel’s stern crane must disembark, but denies NORI’s request to keep Greenpeace activists from being within a 500 metre radius of MV COCO. The court decision comes after nearly 200 hours of peaceful protest by Greenpeace International activists against the MV COCO, which is collecting data for TMC as part of its drive to file the first-ever deep sea mining application next year.

“This is without question a massive setback for the deep sea mining industry. The Dutch court not only affirmed Greenpeace’s right to protest but also agreed that nodule mining is a highly controversial activity. The Metals Company has never been interested in scrutiny and they can’t stand that Greenpeace is watching and opposing them at every turn. Our activists are speaking the truth to destructive companies like TMC that are only out for their own profit, at huge cost to us all. We are determined to keep bringing this dangerous industry to public attention and will continue to disrupt its plans”, said Mads Christensen, Executive Director of Greenpeace International.

After five days of a non-stop kayak activity around the MV COCO, the vessel was safely climbed by five Greenpeace International activists on 25 November. Activists aboard the Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise took turns occupying the vessel’s stern crane to peacefully draw attention to the demand that TMC stop its deep sea mining exploration activities and drop its destructive plans in one of the world’s last untouched ecosystems. NORI claims the protest has been costing it 1M Euros a day. 

The Dutch court denied NORI’s request for an injunction to keep Greenpeace activists from being within a 500 metre radius of COCO, a call that was repeated by the International Seabed Authority Secretary-General but which the judge described as ‘not an enforceable measure’. 

Greenpeace International climbers descended on 30 November, but the 200-hour ongoing peaceful protest continues.  

“The ISA Secretariat should learn from Greenpeace International activists as an example of a bold fight back against the destruction of this still unknown ecosystem. The power of the global movement against deep sea mining is growing, and is undimmed by corporate efforts and behind the scene’s agreements to limit protest. Brave action across the world by people standing up for what is right will stop deep sea mining”, said Greenpeace International Stop Deep Sea Mining campaigner Louisa Casson, aboard the Arctic Sunrise.

Greenpeace International activist Sofia Castellanos said: “We are standing up against the first ever deep sea mining application that TMC are trying to rush through against scientific warnings and political opposition of 24 countries calling for a moratorium. We will continue to protest every time TMC tries to push forward this dangerous industry, for the sake of our oceans and the rich and mysterious life of the deep sea.” 

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11-month High Court injunction granted to deter M25 protests

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A new injunction granted by the High Court and lasting almost a year could see Just Stop Oil activists face fresh penalties for demonstrating on the M25.

National Highways said it secured the civil order to “prevent unlawful protests” on the country’s busiest motorway after a series of stunts during which members of the environmental group scaled gantries and caused major traffic disruption.

The injunction, granted on Monday before Mr Justice Soole, will remain in place until just before midnight on November 15 2023 or until further order.

It means that anyone entering, remaining upon or affixing themselves to any object or to any structure on the M25 may have civil proceedings launched against them for contempt of court.

They could face imprisonment, an unlimited fine, the seizure of assets or a combination of these sanctions.

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just Stop Oil respond to Home Secretary Suella Braverman’s threats

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UK Home Secreatry Suella Braverman is proceedng with the Public Order Bill introduced by the previous Home Secretary Pritty [23/10/22 Priti, apologies] Patel. It includes a new amendment so that secretaries of state can apply for an injunction  ‘in the “public interest” where protests are causing or threatening “serious disruption or a serious adverse impact on public safety”.’ It appears that the government has accepted Labour Parly leader Keir Starmer’s suggestion. The Labour Party has since attempted to position itself as pro-green e.g. with the slogan “fairer, greener future” at it’s 2022 conference.

I’m struck than many of Just Stop Oil’s activists are so young. These are the people that destroying the planet are really going to affect. It could literally be a death sentence for them, wtf are they going to see? We already have serious weather events on a regular basis at 1.1/1.2C increase in global temperature. We’ve seen devestating temperatures, flooding and fires. Despite such devestating effects, Liz Truss’s bonkers UK government is accelerating climate destruction.

It is unfortunate that protests are disruptive but these protestors are certainly not selfish as claimed by Braverman. They’re not the government supporting and indistinguishable from those destroying the planet for profit. I can fully sympathise that climate activists have no choice other than to protest disruptively.

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More than 50 Just Stop Oil protesters in UK sent to jail on one day

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Arrests of Just Stop Oil activists at Kingsbury Terminal. Photo: Just Stop Oil

More than 50 protesters who are demanding urgent action to address the climate crisis were sent to jail on one day this week after refusing to comply with court proceedings.#

Many of the protesters made it clear they would continue to take action at the Kingsbury terminal if they were released on bail, despite an injunction prohibiting protests at the site still being in force.

In response, 30 protesters in Birmingham and 21 in London were remanded in prison and are due to appear before the courts again next week, when activist group Just Stop Oil said they could face lengthy spells in prison.

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Climate protest news 26 April 2022

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A selection of climate protest news articles. Insulate Britain are acting on their policy that UK courts are regarded as a ‘site of civil resistance’

Insulate Britain members disrupt trial by gluing hands to court furniture

Three members of Insulate Britain have disrupted a magistrates court trial, gluing their hands to court furniture and paying tribute to the environmental activist who died after setting himself on fire outside the US supreme court.

Dr Diana Warner, a retired GP from Bristol, had been due to face trial at Stratford magistrates court on a charge of causing a public nuisance by obstructing junction 14 of the M25 on 27 September last year.

But when she entered the dock, fellow Insulate Britain members Liam Norton and Ana Heyatawin followed her into the court, began filming and broadcasting with their phones, and glued themselves to the furniture.

Just Stop Oil protests: Protesters breach Kingsbury Oil terminal injunction

A number of activists have been arrested after breaching an injunction outside an oil terminal in Tamworth.

Members of the Just Stop Oil group blocked access to the Kingsbury Oil Terminal from 07:30 BST on Tuesday.

A new High Court injunction in the area grants police “enhanced powers to prevent and disrupt any unlawful activity”.

Warwickshire Police said it had detained 16 people following the demonstration.

dizzy: If you count the people in the article photographs, it looks very close to 16 so we might assume that they’ve all been arrested which is probably the protesters’ expectation and intention

Top cop ‘highly advises’ Just Stop Oil protesters to stay away from Kingsbury

This evening, Mr Gardner urged protesters not to return. He said: “The High Court injunction remains in place. I would strongly advise against people coming to Kingsbury to conduct any protest activity.

“Although the force respects the right to a peaceful protest, we will always take action against anyone found to be acting outside of the law. If you’re believed to be in breach of the order, officers will arrest you and you will be taken into police custody until appearing before the courts.”

Surge in public concern over environment and climate linked to rise in protest activity, research shows

“Protest can be predicted by prior levels of public attention to the environment,” said Ms Kirby, “but a surge in protest levels also leads to increased public attention in the following months”.

“This effect is largely driven by recent protest, which indicates it played a role in recent rise in public concern.”

The research also suggests that the sheer number of people involved in recent protests has a bigger impact on raising concerns about the environment than protesting methods.

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