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An article from my previous ‘On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing’ blog which ceased on 31 May 2011. The previous blog was mysteriously deleted in early April 2008.

Thursday, December 18, 2008 – Blair’s government and Metropolitan Police policy dictated by the Jerusalem Post

� April 19, 2006 – Blair’s government and Metropolitan Police policy dictated by the Jerusalem Post

Ian Blair’s letter to the Home Office stating that he is blocking the Independent Police Complaints Commission (incorrectly dated 21 July 2005, correct date 22 July 2005) reveals concern for the tactics and sources used in the killing of Jean Charles de Menezes.”There is much concern about revealing either the tactics that we have and/or the sources of information on which we are operating.”Makes you wonder … doesn’t it? Lets review the situation.On 7 July, 2005 a series of at least three explosions occurred on the London tube network followed by an explosion on a London bus approximately an hour later. 56 people were killed and hundreds injured. I have proposed that the tube explosions – but not the bus bombing – were the result of incompetence, negligence or ignorancesince there was an anti-terrorism exercise being carried out at the same time. I have also written about the unacknowledged danger of dust explosions on the London underground. It is worth noting that Peter Power of Visor Consultants that had organised the exercise has stated that the explosions occured at “precisely” where his fictitious explosions were planned and that they had prepared their exercise without external assistance (i.e. without consulting fire safety experts). [dated 21 August 2005]

“On July 22, an innocent Brazilian citizen was gunned down inside a London Underground train during a bungled police operation which followed the second terrorist attack in London. The Metropolitan Police says the shooting was a “tragic mistake”. But behind the public contrition there lies a web of contradictory statements, deviation from routine procedures, and a mist of confusion that has led to serial calls for the resignation of the Met’s head, Sir Ian Blair. And throughout four weeks of calls for clarity and the truth, has been the odour of a police cover-up that has refused to retreat in its intensity.”

Blair’s “evil ideology” speech betrays his deep evil Neo-Conservative roots. I have referred to Halevi’s 7 July 2005 article at the end of this post.  A second articleAnalysis: Israeli experts say UK didn’t dig deep enough in uprooting Islamists was published on 8 July 2005. Both Jerusalem Post articles have strongly influenced Blair’s Neo-Con government and the police response to the 7 July 2005 London explosions.

Halevi says the blasts were simultaneous. The police ‘investigation’ say the blasts were simultaneous.

Halevi discusses attacks in 1998 and 911. Blair discusses the World Trade Centre bombing of 1993.

Halevi demands that the rules of combat are changed. The police shoot to kill.

Halevi discusses civilization. Blair discusses civilization.

Halevi calls for the “complete destruction” of the enemy. The police shoot to kill.

Dig deeper say the Zionists. “Roots are not superficial, but deep” says Blair.

“Measured, surgical steps” say the Zionists. Jean Charles de Menezes, a ‘surgical strike’.

“Sleeper cells” say the Zionists. Police ‘discover’ a sleeper-cell.

The Zionists say “British security had not been caught sleeping, but rather didn’t root out terror cells with enough resolve.” MI5 not at fault, the police shoot to kill, the roots are deep.

“In the past two years, they have arrested several cells. But this attack shows they didn’t go deep enough and this is mainly due to legal and cultural restrictions. Now they will be much freer to go deeper,” Cristal predicted. The roots are deep, Jean Charles de Menezes murdered, Guardian reports that Blair considers that socialists are terrorists, Blair attempts to introduce 90 days detention for terrorist suspects, other ‘anti-terrorism’ laws introduced.

“It’s about preventing the next attack. The big challenge the Brits are facing now is to use this chance to redefine the balance between human rights and measures against terrorism,” he said. Blair tries to redefine the balance between human rights and measures against terrorism.


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