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  • South London NHS Trust is declared ‘bankrupt’ and placed in ‘receivership’. A private company may take over.
  • Insanity returns to the Labour Party. Insane, deluded, divorced-from-reality, barking mad and woofing former Prime Minister and War Criminal Tony Blair to advise Miliband on Sports Policy. At least he’s got a fairly harmless nothing position but doesn’t Miliband and the wider Labour Party realise what damage Blair & Co have done, the extent to which he is hated by so many, that he’s a Tory who pursued Tory policies? He was so hated that he left the country for 5 years FFS.
  • London couple forced to treat their son privately.
  • NHS campaigner offered job as NHS-wrecker.

    South London Healthcare NHS Trust put into administration

    South London Healthcare NHS Trust is to be put into administration after it ran into financial trouble, the government has announced.

    Health Secretary Andrew Lansley has appointed a trust special administrator to go into the trust.

    As well as struggling financially, the trust also has some of the longest waiting times for operations and longer-than-average waits in A&E. However, it has low infection and death rates.

    If a decision was made to break up the trust, it would not necessarily mean the closure of all services.

    Another more successful NHS organisation or private provider could end up taking some on.


Tony Blair returns to politics as Labour sports adviser

Former prime minister Tony Blair has undertaken his first job in British politics since leaving office, as an adviser to the Labour party on its sports policy review.

The anti-war movement won’t let Tony Blair forget about Iraq

Pay £2,000 to remove painful lump on son’s hand, NHS hospital tells couple

A couple have had to borrow £2,000 to pay for an operation to remove a painful gobstopper-sized lump on their child’s hand after NHS officials refused to pay for “cosmetic” surgery.

Bailey Payne, three, from Dagenham struggles to hold a pen because of  the lump, which has formed from a build-up of muscle tissue near the base of his thumb. His mother Maxine, 24, took him to her GP, who said the lump should be removed and referred him to Queen’s Hospital in Romford.

Doctors agreed to carry out the operation but weeks later Ms Payne and her partner Steven Jones, a lorry driver, received a letter saying the NHS would not cover the costs of the surgery. The couple lost an appeal.

Going private? What happened when a private health company offered an NHS campaigner a job

This week, Alex Nunns, campaigner with Keep Our NHS Public, was headhunted for a job at private health firm Care UK. His proposal? A new coporate motto: ‘Providing less, for more’.

I believe a key talent for any disrespecting Media Relations Executive is the ability to turn a negative in to something offensive. For example, it must have been a stressful time in the Media Revelations office when that tax avoidance story broke a few months ago – the one saying that Care UK had reduced its tax bill by taking out loans through the Channel Islands stock exchange. All this talk of tax havens and tax avoidance isn’t good in the current climate. But as your Media Relationship Executive I would have used a little reverse psychology, instead of denying it as your spokesman did. After all, this could put you right up there with the big boys like Goldman Sachs, Vodafone and Jimmy Carr.

Similarly, you got some bad press when it was revealed that the wife of your former chairman John Nash gave £21,000 to Andrew Lansley’s office before the last election, when Lansley was shadow health secretary. But let’s view it from another angle – doesn’t this serve to highlight Care UK’s excellent political connections? And look how it turned out: Lansley is in power and he has passed the Health Act. He has opened the door wide to privatisation, and Care UK is already inside redecorating the place.  We thought Lansley wasn’t going to manage it for a while, when all those thousands of patients and doctors started protesting and June Hautot shouted “codswallop” at him in the street. But he pulled through, sacrificed his future public career for private gain, and God bless him for that. Care UK now stands to make a fortune. This is something to boast about, for Bevan’s sake! And all for £21,000, less than it would cost to employ a Media Relations Executive for a year. (Please confirm.)

You should play to your strengths. Care UK is a true pioneer in this privatisation drive. You were the first private company to run a GP surgery in Dagenham back in 2006. And the first to face enforcement action from the Healthcare Commission because of slack hygiene procedures at the Sussex Orthopaedic Treatment Centre in 2008. And who’s to say you weren’t the first to forget to process 6,000 x-rays at your ‘urgent’ care centre in North-West London in 2012? As a Mediocre Relations Executive, I would advise not mentioning those last two.

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