About Paedophilia

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There is an issue conerning Cyn’, – an apostraphe means something is missing – that is now a major issue in UK. I acknowledge that there are concerns about credibility. I submit that I have previously raised my concerns discretely and that I hoped that they would be treated as such. There is the related issue that others did not raise any concerns despite having quite obvious in-your-face concerns of abuse. I am not the one out of order here. I was concerned of paedophile abuse and I acted on that concern.

There is a huge difference between that and claiming to happen across a very fat – in fact rotund – man with a pre-pubescent boy in bed together.  I did not recognise that rotund man at the time but I have since recognised him. There are references to child abuse at the previous highest levels of UK legal profession. Blair & Co

[edit You heard it on the web first: Falconer]

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