Vile Pervert The Musical

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Well, I was sure that I posted this at about 11.30 a.m. yesterday. I hope that I haven’t upset the hackers again – hackers deleted some posts on my old site in December 2008. I suspected one of the groups LbrSec, MetPlci or GvnrMnt. Actually I think that my ISP at that time was ordered to take them down and not tell me anything about it – all quite possible with nasty UK laws like RIPA.

I did post this yesterday, didn’t I? I wonder if I derailed some plans they had for me. Maybe it’s to do with the evolving story of Jimmy Savile – latest revelations are abusing a 10 year-old boy at Haut de la Garenne children’s home in Jersey and even supplying boys to a yachting former prime minister who was allegedly warned off cruising for men on Hampstead Heath. [edit: Jim’ll fix it) [further edit: There are also suggestions that Savile was a practicing necrophiliac (as well as Roman Catholic ;)) Yes, you’re always better informed by the web than corporate media (with very little digging;).

[14/10/12 The reference to a former prime minister above is rumour rather than revelation.]

Let’s try again then

I came across Jonathan King’s ComDoc – comedy documentary – ‘Vile Pervert The Musical’ while researching Savile. I’ve never been a fan of JK or his music but it is certainly tolerable in this context. It’s an hour and a half long but many shorter excerpts are available (try youtube).

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