I start my Apologia now … looks like part 1 DRAFT

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Since I have committed myself to an Apologia …

do I want this published for all to know? Bollox, I lay myself bare

[Of course, you don’t have to read)



I am tormented. Now that I’ve committed to an Apologia, I look to my childhood and I am reduced to tears. There is no more alcohol left tonight to hide me from the torment that I endured. I’m talking pissed. The point is that I was not loved nor cared for. There was no-one. A child with nobody to care for him or her.

Edit: That’s why I’m so hard, that’s why I’ve been able to take so many attacks. That’s why I don’t have to rely on anyone. That’s why I’m so independent and resilient.

[further edit: Was there two issues going on back then? A scandal for the tabloids a year or so after Profumo. But was there more? A dog maybe?

[Aug 64

[64 was a leap year …

[a leap year means one more day to the end of the year …

[Lucky I didn’t say the people I wanted dead …

Hugo Chavez,

I respect you so much for bringing  Venezuela to Socialism.

Viva la revolution, sir.

The point is there are so many people watching this.

Senior Chavez, I repect you. Viva le Revolution

[Sorry about bring you in this good friend;

I need to sort it out myself

This ridulosness that people persist it

Viva la revolution


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