I start my Apologia now … looks like part 2 DRAFT

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I hope that you’re keeping up …

Aug 64. I looked at it at the library ~ either the 8th or the 11th, the Mirror.

Of course I was only a very young child at the time.

So what happened was my very recently married mother with a child of 30 [edit: 28] months and myself a child of six months old ran off (eloped?) with a very recently married man abandoning his wife and two very young children of his own. There’s more to it than that … like any story that’s why you do your own research and discover what happened for yourselves.

[just started this will be updated ~ check back]

So, a year or a year and a half after Profumo another political scandal although of far lesser proportion perhaps.

So again the gutter press was chasing the ‘scandal’. From my perspective a six month old child was just extra baggage to the lovers. Of course, getting chased by the trash press must have made them closer. While I was only very young at the time I have been told by my family that I was disguised as a girl to throw the trash journalists off. Very easily really even today – I was pink from a very early age ;)

[later edit: Consider my father. His ‘best friend’ has run off with his wife and both his very young sons. It must have been terribly hard for him.

[further edit: almost sounds like a Greek tragedy (although the Greek tragedies were almost moral tales)

[last edit: can we have some Pink?

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