Shall I …

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… talk about the journey? … because that does tickle me. Actually, I find it fantastically amusing LoL.

Well, there was this one guy who turned out to be pretty crap and later very obstructive. He was very concerned with his own personal progression and ended up ~ I learned many years later ~ probably regressing but definitely not progressing. Although being a capable man, he crossed me and I do hope that I contributed to his non-progression. I also hope that he reads this and recognises himself.

Anyway, he was a clever, capable man who had this theory to do with parapsychology that capabilities innate to us all were taught out of us through the process of socialisation.

I think that he was onto something there. Since I was so independent and alone I was never really so influenced – being never properly socialised – and came to trust my own conclusions far more than any handed to me to be consumed and believed.

I believe in such things as telepathy and premonition (aka precognition) because I have experienced them. I may even have demonstrated such things (I have). If you experience such things then why should you believe anyone that says that such things are not possible? If you want to develop such powers, I suggest that firstly you believe that they are possible and secondly to practice and recognise them in yourself and others. I’ve seen premonition in others while they would probably never admit it themselves…

[edit: Oh dear ;)

[9/11/12 4.52am Hmm )

[9/11/12 6.15am or so. I’ve wanted to say for so long that you should simply believe it, practice and notice it. That’s how it is for me. It’s not the same as lizzards …

[No, I am not suggesting that you should simply believe anything and that was stated very badly

[To clarify ~ I’ve wanted to say for so long that telepathy and precognition is very common

[and commonly not recognised


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