You have a chance to vote for total Turds this Thursday … the fifteenth

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You have the opportunity to vote for a Mayor and a Police twat this Thusday.

It’s a very difficult choice for me because I’m reduced to attempting to discern which of them are not raving, barking mad.

I’m actually keen on voting but Quinnell the choice is between fing raving madmen.

[edit very slightly later: The point is about these police chiefs is that they have no idea about policing. Someone’s going to be elected who has totally no idea.

[edit: No f’ing clue. At least I’ve been in the cells with shit smeared on the walls & at G8 I’ve had first hand accounts of cups of teas with policemens’ pubes on them.

[G8 / 777 / 786 is important

[ correction: 867

[ is 786 and 867 that different anyway?

[Oh dear, web’s gone wierd for me. Hi all

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