UK parliament to discuss Syria tomorrow

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The UK Parliament has been recalled to discuss military intervention in Syria tomorrow.

There are strong suggestions that there will be opposition to Cameron, Hague, et al’s obvious determination to go to war for imperialist reasons. There are suggestions that many Conservative MPs are very uneasy and talk of the Labour Party abstaining and promoting their own amendment. The Lib-Dems only ever pretended not to be Tories and they are nowhere to be seen now.

As yet there is no confirmation that chemical weapons have been used or that they were used by Assad’s government. This is a very difficult test since the terrorist ‘rebels’ supported by the West are known to have had possession of chemical weapons when they were arrested in Turkey.

What I would like to see tomorrow is an absolute commitment to international law. That’s respect for human rights – they are universal after all – including respect to the right to life and an absolute commitment to enforce international law. I’m saying that people need to be tried for war crimes. It’s not going to happen since Israel have been bombing Syria. There’s also the absolute hypocrisy of USUK using chemical weapons at Fallujah and Israel’s use of White Phosphorous. It would appear for some reason that Depleted Uranium is not classed as a chemical weapon, probably because it’s used by USUK.

What’s happening is that there is a huge rush to war before the US weapons inspectors have reported. There’s a rush because the UN inspectors are very likely to report that it’s unclear who was responsible, unclear if there was actually any use of chemical weapons and that they were not obstructed by the Syrian government.

Obomber has turned out to be a disappointment breaking many commitments on Iraq, Guantanamo Bay and transparency on drones. Now he wants war. Drones killing people in distant lands is criminal anyway, never mind being transparent about it.

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