With this blind old cnut Blunkett .

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.. he’s a bit crap isn’t he?

Been a blind cnut all his life … and played on it?

See … I don’t have to be politically correct because I’m not a politician.

Let’s get back to Blunkett …

A ridiculous, biggotted blind man.

A little later edit: It doesn’t matter that you’re blind if you’re a Fascist: You’re still a Fascist having a good disregard for “airy fairy” civil liberties. You’re still a Fascist being a cabinet minister for Tony Blair’s Fascist government.

It occurs to me that cabinet ministers at that time are jointly responsible under the law. I want that law enforced.

[26/9/13 11.40 An improvement in infrequency and quality perhaps. Blunkett is certainly a Blairite Fascist old cnut. He’s been talking shit in a fringe meeting. As if the Blairites didn’t use fake manufactured terrorism to cow (the cows or ‘cattle’) into submission. Blair was present for the scroll of Bush. Blair & co were there every step of the way.]

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