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An article from my previous ‘On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing’ blog that ceased on 31 May 2011. Links are broken.

Thursday, December 18, 2008 – Dr. Who?

Doctor Who's tardis. Image hosted by http://xs.toDr. Richmal Oates-Whitehead. Apparently Dr. Richmal Oates-Whitehead claimed to be a doctor when she was not qualified. Is she pointing at someone else that claims to be a Doctor but is not qualified?

We’ve already looked at the origin and meaning of the names of the victims. There is a deeper analysis that can be applied to those names and this name.

I tend to consider Richmal Oates-Whitehead’s death as a response to the Halevi document of 7 July 2005 and the dig-deeper article of 8 July 2005, both published in the Jerusalem Post.



I added an addendum to this article yesterday. What’s happened?

It said – possibly not verbatim

Try names hyphonised on both sides

Richmal-Marie Oates-Whitehead


5 mins later: My mistake – it was another post that I edited

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