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An article from my previous ‘On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing’ blog that ceased on 31 May 2011. Links are broken.

The previous blog was mysteriously deleted in early December 2008.

[7/1/14 Please note that I now have improved powers of exegesis.]

Wednesday, December 17, 2008 – Esoteric Knowledge #3 Jean Charles de Menezes

This blog was mysteriously deleted in early December 2005 [actually 2008]. Here is a posting from the deleted previous content.17/12/08 Please note that since writing this article I have come to understand far more about the revelation of ‘Jean’ and that there are mistakes in this article. For example, I now believe that the sequence of bullets was 137 – that’s one to the shoulder so that he is not killed instantly, three misses and then seven to the back of the head. The revelation of ‘Jean’ tells me that Jean Charles de Menezes was selected for execution. It was state-sponsored murder with the hidden message in his murder being the identity and location of another that the Fascist UK Labour Party government and their butler Ian Blair wanted dead. Ian Blair has repeatedly made deep’s identity known, has repeatedly called for deep’s murder and has repeatedly harassed deep e.g. “Houston, we have a problem.” said by Ian Blair was said by a cuddly astronaut toy in deep’s lounge, followed by a farty noise.Fascist UK Labour Party Home Secretaries – including the current incumbent Jacqui Smith – have repeatedly stated their support for Ian Blair. The Fascists should be held accountable for their actions and should not be governing the country or in public office.In Occult circles there is a tradition to not share Occult wisdom. I have not ever taken any such vows, I have come across this knowledge through my researches into 911, 77, Jean Charles de Menezes, etc. It is anyway not secret but published for everyone to see and apply.

I do not play by your rules. The rules of the game have changed particularly since there have been repeated attempts on my life and this knowledge has been used against me.

I would also say that it appears that Ian Blair has been fantastically indiscreet in his use of this knowledge, apparently in an attempt to save his own sad skin. I followed his first Mark Twain comments to find the reference. I would be extremely surprised if he hadn’t taken and broken vows of secrecy.

18/12/08 I was also mistaken about the approach to gematria. It is worth taking gematria very seriously – considering tarot correspondences of the final letters, etc.

� January 9, 2007 – Esoteric Knowledge #3 Jean Charles de Menezes

There have been a few posts on this blog concerning Gematria. I looked at Tony Blair’s use of the word ‘cow‘, the date of and the eleven bullets that killed Jean Charles de Menezes, the 210 in polonium-210 that allegedly killed Alexander Litvinenko and the ‘missing’ key that enables English words to be translated to Gematria. I had better explain how I’m using it to research events.Gematria started as a study of sacred texts and it is believed by its adherents that it provides an undertanding of the universe. Words or phrases are translated into a number. For a particular number there are many definitions that are equivalent to each other. It is somewhat interprative and subjective.Gematria is employed in my research in a few different ways. With the cow I searched the Gematria Reference for cow and discovered that it is equivalent to to break or send forth lightning, to flash forth; lightning; flash; pr.n. “Thunderbolt”. With Litvinenko’s 210 and Jean Charles de Menezes’ 11, I referred to those values in the reference. I have also been using Agrippa’s key to convert English words and phrases into numbers before referring to the reference.

Does it work? Perhaps it is more appropriate to ask why it shouldn’t work. I am treating Gematria as a way to communicate based on a special body of knowledge. That knowledge will be shared by Freemasons and similar organisations worldwide e.g. secretive North American university societies. Surely some of them are communicating in this way? The real test is have a go, see if we can discern any messages, see if it is useful to wider research. 

“It seems that Gematria constitutes the clavis magna – the great key – to the secrets of the Freemasons. Therefore, turning this key promises to be an eye-opener for all of us troglodytes grovelling hopelessly in ‘profane’ darkness.”


Selecting phrases/numbers can be a lottery. Chose the wrong phrases or numbers to start with and the results will be worthless, wrong and misleading. Any word or phrase will produce some result. There needs to be a message to start with. Gematria is approached – hopefully – as a Freemason would use it to convey messages. A UK or US mason is not going to learn the strict complex rules of Gematria to any great depths e.g. it is not necessary to learn the Hebrew or Greek alphabet since we are dealing with English. As I have persevered, I have started to remember certain key numbers and their meanings. For example eleven is to do with slaughter and sacrifice and 1 directs to 111 in the Cabbalistic (QBL) tradition which we – or rather Freemasons – are pursuing. References to animals are often references to animals as sacrifices. Hadad was a god of rain and thunder and lightening.Individuals probably use their own distinctive styles in communicating through Gematria so that it may be more important to appreciate the style rather than any strict rules. I’ve found that it’s worth following redirections e.g.890 redirects to  170 and 330  and 14 reads (see also 13). I also suspect that it’s a good to hit primes, especially large ones. 

Here’s the ‘missing’ key to convert English words and phrases to Gematria. This is Agrippa’s keyIt’s useful to write a simple program to convert words and phrases into their respective numbers – it saves a lot of time and effort.

The Missing Key

The Missing Key
The Missing Key

(* ‘Hi’ is an obsolete letter)

source CABALA – Missing Key to the Secrets of FreemasonryOn 7 July, 2005 – the day of the London explosions – Ian Blair, Commissioner of the London Metropolitan Police said “The most important message though however is just that it, while it is a confused situation it must be a confused situation in multiple sites like this, a co-ordinated effort is slowly bringing order out of the chaos(890).” Many sites appear to have misquoted Blair as saying “order out of chaos”(777) which is recognised as a classic Freemasonry phrase. It confirms that it is likely that Blair is a Freemason and to warn us that we should be alert to possible ‘covert’ messages using Gematria.We have already seen 210 from Litvinenko’s polonium-210, 227 and 11 from the number of bullets and the date of Jean Chares de Menezes’ death (22/7 2 + 2 + 7 = 11 (227 > 11 > 2) and 317 from the assumed sequence of bullets that killed Jean Charles de Menezes (and also gives 11 > 2).

227 > 11  >  2

227 (49th prime)
pr.n. “Warlike”.  –  Kratos?
pool or pond.  –  relates to water
to pick, pierce, penetrate
to bind fast or hard; to force; to be strong, brave, cruel.
a taught heifer (one used to the yoke). —  A trained cow. Could this relate to Blair’scow?

317 > 11 > 2Special Reconnaissance Regiment

317 (66th prime)
grave mound, tomb.
a sharp or new sword; pr.n. “New Built”.  –  First use of Operation Kratos (shoot-to-kill) by British police?
the dry, dry ground, the dry land.  –  in contrast to the deep ocean?
a place sown, a field.
the west, westward. 

11 (5th prime)
to slaughter.
to cluster
to turn; to wind; to surround; to be strong, mighty.
pr.n. “A Pit”.

festival; feast; festive sacrifice.
good; pleasing.


On 21st July, 2005 there were ‘copy-cat’ attacks similar to those official account of the London explosions of 7 July, 2005. The big difference was that the ‘bombs’ used on 21 July were apparently unable to explode since there was no explosives. Since the date appears relevant for de Menezes death, lets see what the previous day, 21/7 may tell us.

217 > 10 > 1 ( to 111 in QBL tradition)

correctly, exactly. – Does this relate to the copy-cat attack, that it was an exact copy?
food; fatted; fleeing, fugitive; fleet, quickly gliding; bolt, bar. – There were stories that de Menezes ran which were later refuted. fugitive?
to wave; shoot, twig; switch, rod. – shoot
river, stream; the Nile; fosses, moats; channel, mine shaft.  –  No tube stations are discussed in the scriptures on which Gematria is based. Can we interpret tube station as a mine shaft?
is watered.  –  water crops?. Gematria has many references to agriculture. Watering is preparing crops. Can the events of 21/7 be considered preperation for the events of 22/7?
to shoot.  –  to shoot

to be strong. pr.n. “Might”.   –  could be a reference to Kratos.
secrecy, concealment (in speaking or moving); sorcerer; sorcery; mutterings; necromancer; softly, stealthily, secretly.  –  There is certainly secrecy and concealment surrounding the killing of Jean Charles de Menezes. necromancer.
to tread down, destroy.
a shearing; a fleece.  —  fleece, would that be a coat?
to dart, to fly swiftly; rapid flier (a bird of prey), the glede, vulture, kite.  —  are darts bullets? kite


red or ruddy.
sunless, dark; sunset, darkness; concealment; mischance.
wickedness or wrong, pr. n. “Evil” of a tribe in Edom.

What does it mean? It could mean nothing. It could mean that the mock-terrorism of 21 July was a preperation for the killing on the following day. It could mean that the events of 21 july were interpreted through Gematria and acted upon on 22 July.

The bus that expoded on 7 July 2005 had a poster on its side reading ‘Absolute Terror … Bold and Brilliant’

It is claimed that 56 people were killed in the London explosions of 7 July, 2005. 56 throws up 11 > 2 yet again. It is alleged that 13 people were killed in the Tavistock Sq bus explosion (strange that). 13 (6th prime) –  includes  one (1); first; anybody, someone; the same, sole. I wonder if that’s one, the first one, someone – anybody – that looks the same? 13

10 Jan 07  Discussion

I’ve selected numbers carefully. I am fairly confident in the 227 – the date of the killing of Jean Charles de Menezes, 317 the sequence of bullets, the 56 deaths and the 13 deaths on the bus. Except for the 56, they’re all primes. If they’re primes, then they are by definition not random numbers. Except for the 13, they all produce 11 > 2. What’s different about the 13? It’s the alleged number of dead on the bus. That’s on the 8th of July 2005. On the 7th of July 2005 only two people died on the bus. This was outside the British Medical Association and doctors attended immediately. This discrepancy leads me to strongly suspect that it is a significant number – that it is a message.

I am not at all confident about 217 – the day of the copy-cat attacks without real explosives. There are no primes and no discernible pattern.

Let me explain about the 317. Jean Charles de Menezes was shot 7 times in the head, 1 time in the shoulder and 3 shots missed. Does it make sense that skilled marksmen missed 3 times at point blank range? Does it make sense to shoot him in the shoulder after you’ve killed him by shooting him in the head? Does it make sense to shoot him seven times in the head? One’s going to do it, two or three to make sure.

317 also gives a a sharp or new sword; pr.n. “New Built”. The Special Reconnaissence Regiment was formed on 6 April 2005. That’s three and a half months before Jean Charles de Menezes was killed. Wikipedia says

Personnel retain the uniforms of their parent organisations with the addition of the sand coloured beret and the SRR cap badge. The cap badge shares the Sword of Damocles or Excalibur in common with the other SF emblems, in the case of the SRR placed behind a Corinthian helmet surmounting a scroll inscribed RECONNAISSANCE. ”

So there’s your sharp or new sword. UK police are able to demand that soldiers assist them – see Ian Blair’s “copper-bottomed trousers“. It makes sense to use special forces for assassinations because they are above the law. It guarantees that they will not be tried for murder and virtually ensures that the real murderers – Ian Blair under the direction of Cobra and the Civil Contingencies Act i.e. the Blair government – will not be tried for premeditated murder. It explains how the IPCC was refused access to Stockwell station for five days and how there was no CCTV.

Surely it’s illegal for soldiers to be out of uniform whatever Fascist John Reid may claim. It’s unacceptable that this Fascist government is using soldiers to execute unsuspecting members of the public regardless of whether they’re in uniform.

One interesting anomaly I stumbled across while researching. It seems that Charles Clarke was not aware that the Metropolitan Police was following a shoot to kill policy. Although he was Home Secretary at the time, it looks as though he was absent from the Cobra meeting of 21st July 2005 – which is presumably when it was decided to kill somebody. It looks as though a Cobra meeting was planned but an earlier meeting was held in response to the copy-cat events.

Notice that Excalibur Blair-watchers?. Excalibur was also the name of New Labour’s campaigning and rapid rebuttal computer at Millbank circa 1997.

12 Jan 07  More Discussion

11 > 2 repeats.

56 > 11 > 2 The number alleged to have been killed in the London explosions. This number includes the four alleged suicide bombers.

227 > 11 > 2  Date of the killing of Jean Charles de Menezes.

11 > 2 The number of bullets that killed Jean Charles de Menezes regardless of the sequence.

to be continued

‘Grand Hailing Sign of Distress’

13 Feb 2007

Could this ‘police officer’ be a soldier?

Press photographs of members of the armed response team taken in the immediate aftermath of the killing show at least one man carrying a special forces weapon that is not issued to SO19, the Metropolitan police firearms unit.

The man, wearing civilian clothes with a blue cap marked “Police”, was carrying a specially modified Heckler & Koch G3K rifle with a shortened barrel and a butt from a PSG-1 sniper rifle fitted to it — a combination used by the SAS.


Another man, dressed in a T-shirt, jeans and trainers, was carrying a Heckler & Koch G36C. Although this weapon is used on occasion by SO19 it appears to be fitted with a target illuminator purchased as an “urgent operational requirement” for UK special forces involved in the war on terror.


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