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The ConDem scum government quietly announces huge increases in the number of private patients to be treated at NHS hospitals. Clearly this is privatisation of the NHS on a huge scale. If you’ve got the money, you’ll cheat the waiting list and get treated. Otherwise, you suffer or die thanks to the Conservatives and Liberal-Democrat Conservatives.

NHS trusts face mounting financial difficulties in 2012.

Increased waiting times in York and North Yorkshire.

Conservative election poster 2010

A few recent news articles about the UK’s Conservative and Liberal-Democrat (Conservative) coalition government – the ConDem’s – brutal attack on the National Health Service.

NHS private income cap to be lifted | News

Health service reforms will pave the way for NHS hospitals to earn up to half of their income from private work, it has been reported.

The current cap on income generated from private patients is typically limited to just a few percent but is set to rise to 49% in a move slipped out by the Government last week, according to The Times.

It is expected to cause more friction within the coalition with a senior Liberal Democrat warning that it was part of an ideological drive that many in the party would oppose, the newspaper said.

Labour claimed the plans showed Prime Minister David Cameron was determined to mirror health care provision operated in the US.

Shadow health secretary Andy Burnham told the newspaper: “This surprise move, sneaked out just before Christmas, is the clearest sign yet of David Cameron’s determination to turn our precious NHS into a US-style commercial system, where hospitals are more interested in profits than people.

“With NHS hospitals able to devote half their beds to private patients, people will begin to see how our hospitals will never be the same again if Cameron’s health Bill gets through Parliament.”

Health chiefs warn of financial crisis and growing waiting times as Government cuts bite – mirror.co.uk

THE number of NHS trusts facing financial problems has nearly doubled as the Government’s funding squeeze bites.

Care chiefs in 21 areas fear they will be strapped for cash at some point this year, up from just 13 in 2010.

The findings by trust regulator Monitor come as ministers insist on “efficiency savings” of £20billion.

Of 137 trusts surveyed, 16 expect to miss waiting times targets, 14 fear losing the ability to treat A&E patients within four hours and 16 warn they will miss targets on controlling cases of the killer C.diff superbug.

Laurence Buckman, from the British Medical Association, said: “We could see more rationing stories than we are seeing now, particularly with secondary care procedures being cut.

“GPs (within clinical commissioning groups) will have to show great ingenuity in doing their best to introduce cuts in a humane way and I suspect that they will find that difficult.”
… [mistakenly refers to John Healey as Shadow Health Secretary]

NHS waiting times ‘up’ in York and North Yorkshire (From York Press)

THE number of people waiting more than 18 weeks for NHS treatment in York and North Yorkshire has risen by 26 per cent since the last General Election, according to new figures.

A report by the Socialist Health Association also claimed Government plans to restructure the health service will cost the local primary care trust £46.63 million.

The data was compiled from the NHS’ annual Operating Framework document published at the end of November. It also showed 18-week waits for treatment in East Yorkshire had fallen by 23 per cent since May 2010. Just over £18.8 million has been set aside for NHS reorganisation within the area.

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