The black – was red – header image

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C’est la vie. I suppose that it’s obvious that it’s been changed beyond my control, which is the case and is true. I’ll do it tomorrow. Please be assured that I am red – scarlet even.

[3am Be nice if thy’d just change it back, save me the bother]

I’m keen for someone to take over this blog anyway. If anyone is interested in being the next me, I’d like to retire. I would love someone to take over.


Blog hosting is paid for another year and is very cheap anyway

You get to keep politicians up … get them waked up actually

You’ve got the pw anyway#

Have fun ;)

real 4am: I tend to think who is it really?

4.15am or so. The way it works is that governments have to hide previous very nasty paedo shit. He has said that it could be a gay witch hunt but that’s missing the point. If they were according FD to previous cultural mores then FIT now they have grown up and they deserve justice.

[edit: I’m going to elaborate on this. Raping children has always been illegal. continuing

4.25am see you can get them waked up

9.10pm Was it only me seeing a black header? I have been trying to avoid ridiculous late posts.

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