The Rapid Rebbutal

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The Rapid Rebbutal

The Rapid Rebbutal worked fantastically well for New-Labour. It is a New-Labour tactic (mechanism/strategy/policy). They were very depraved feks but they were on it. (ed: they were fantastically (ed: i.e. beyond your imagination depraved)

ed: FM You can’t do it unless you follow that ideology of the untermensch – that Neo-Con ideology.

ed: The untermensch are the goy. ed: All us that are not Jewish.

It worked (better?) fantastically well for me.

(It did work fantastically well for me ~ (There is no news today ;))

ed: That’s 15 March, 2003

Socialist parties, Socialists, Communists, Greens please take heed and use it. It’s about monitoring and a quick response.

ed: Rapid (Quick) && I can assure you that you’ll also find it really good fun to wake the PM up. (although not so much as it’s not Blair any more )

or is it?

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