Excusing establishment paedophiles

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I’ve started looking at the excusing of establishment paedophiles under the ‘establishment man’ Keir Starmer after he’s accused Rishi Sunak of excusing paedophiles. Greville Janner got away with it for decades and Tony Blair ennobled him in an act of establishment paedophile excusal.

Alex Carlile may well have had no idea Janner was a paedophile. After all, he shared a cramped parliamentary office with Cyril Smith for many years, and apparently never realised that Smith was a prolific paedophile. Possibly Alex Carlile is simply a particularly unobservant man.

It is however unfortunate that Starmer chose to appoint as the legal eagle to exonerate him over Jimmy Savile, the wife of the stalwart parliamentary defender of Britain’s second most prominent paedophile. I presume that Starmer never noticed that either, just as he did not notice the decision by his office and the staff under him not to prosecute Savile.

It is extraordinary that these people manage to become so rich and powerful when they are entirely unobservant. Especially as Levitt, Starmer, Carlile and Jenner were all top QCs.

Anyway, that is just an everyday tale of unobservant folk.

21/4/23 , Tony Blair’s former flatmate was featured in a post on this blog in an extremely unflattering way, accused by me of behaviour close to the subject of this post. My blogs have had incidents with posts disappearing and that one now appears to be absent.

21/4/23 Oops, made a mistake there Charlie Falconer was Blair’s flatmate.

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