My first Ankh

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I bought my first Ankh at age ten, eleven, twelve or so. It was pressed steel cheap nonsese on a chain but I chose it.

I wore my parrot earing in my left ear at age about 21 or so. I’m looking for another parrot earing. If you looked at me, it would be at your right.

I didn’t have any idea what it meant then – or did I?

I thought it meant love.

Anyway, I bought my first Ankh at about age ten, twelve or whatever.

Now that I know what it means, I’m need to get a big one in Welsh gold.

No big deal ~ symbolism works ;)

[later edit:  I want a big chunky one to swing about since I can – if ‘one’ has the right to ‘one’. ‘one’ may as well swing it about. What else is it ‘good’ for then? I’m going to swing my Ankh]

[later later edit: I will do it. I am not asking for or expecting anything. Enjoy yourselves.]




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