While I am supporting Wikileaks and Julian Assange …

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While I am supporting Wikileaks and Julian Assange …

It occurs to me that there may be other political activists and dissidents that need supporting by a capable band of encrytption and associated capable people.

It is not only Assange that has made a stand and expressed himself.

While having no intention to diminish the treatment of Assange, there are others that have similarly confronted injustice and been subjected to similar treatment,

To be an out there dissident – an (effective, on the web) vocal opponent – of Fascist agenda and policies – means that you (me) are targetted by the powers that shouldn’t be in all sorts of *nasty* ways.

I would welcome some Wikileak activists, especially encryption experts to research for themselves – of course if that is not already apparent – about the activities of the New Labour government, the murder of  Brizzlian  Jean Charles de Menezes and the following murders by UK police. Were these murders identifying one particular person?

Ian Blair’s statements (particularly the Dimbleby lecture) but I can give you lots of info re: statements in the immediate aftermath of the murder of Jean Charles de Menezes. I would particularly like confirmation of the foreign – right-wing death squad – that murderd Jean Charles de Menezes i.e. it was not Met Police.

edit: Ian Blair, Tony Blair & John Reid’s statements.

(4am BST edit: Of course if Jean Charles de Menezes (because of his name) murder identified some particular person then – of course – it was pre-meditated. Were further murders (and other confrontations) about identifying a particular person?

Riz Ahmed. Riz Fucker.

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