Just Stop Oil’s Art Auction

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You May Find Yourself…

02 JUNE 2023 – 23 JUNE 2023, Ends 04:00 PM (UK time)

Known across the globe for targeting artworks and cultural events with non-violent direct action, Just Stop Oil supporters have continued to engage with contemporary artists, academics and activists.

Artists and collectors, such as Gavin Turk, Rut Blees Luxemburg, Jamie Reid, William Mackinnon, Peter Kennard, Boy George and more will showcase their works in support of Just Stop Oil’s demand: that the British government immediately halts all new fossil fuel licensing and consents. 

Standing with them are FILET space, The Koppel Project, The Auction Collective, and the Vivienne Foundation. 

This is where we find ourselves, living at a crisis point that will birth a new age. This is an intervention. And this is just the beginning.

Avenger Angel


Avenging Angel is Jamie Reid’s appropriation of Titian’s Bacchus, with added phallus and molotov cocktail, taking revenge on the all encompassing threat of Global Capitalism.

In Bed With Big Oil


The UK Government’s Hypocritical Stance on Protest


“A cartoon I drew while in prison for nonviolent protest after hearing Rishi Sunak comment on China’s response to protesters.”

Mair is 35, lives in Derby and works as animator making science communication videos for environmental researchers. She’s been involved with climate protests since 2019 and was imprisoned for 6 weeks on remand as part of the JSO M25 actions in November 2022.

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