Just Stop Oil responds to The Last Leg’s call for disruption of every event.. With disruption of The Last Leg

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Just Stop Oil disrupt Channel 4's live comedy show 'The Last Leg' 14 July 2023.
Just Stop Oil disrupt Channel 4’s live comedy show ‘The Last Leg’ 14 July 2023.

Three Just Stop Oil supporters have disrupted the TV comedy talk show, the Last Leg on Channel 4. They are demanding that the UK government halt any new licensing or consents for oil, gas and coal extraction in the UK.

At around 10.00pm, three Just Stop Oil supporters ran onto the set of the Last Leg, during the live show, in a cloud of confetti and jigsaw pieces blasting the song ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time’ by Britney Spears- in reference to the viral video featured on the program last week. The three supporters thanked the Last Leg presenters, Adam Hills, Josh Widdicome and Alex Brooker for their support and gifted them their own hi-vis vests.

Tonight’s action comes after the presenters called for a disruption before every sporting event on last week’s show. 

A Just Stop Oil spokesperson said:

“Be careful what you wish for! Thanks to the Last Leg for their kind words of support. We have taken on board their suggestion to provide disruptions before every event, and have decided to begin with The Last Leg. We would like to extend an invite to Adam, Alex and Josh to join us on the streets next week, as we continue demanding an end to new oil, gas and coal licences in the UK.”

One of those taking action today, Kush Naker, 33, a doctor of infectious disease from London, said:

“I’d like to thank The Last Leg’s Adam Hills, Josh Widdicombe and Alex Brooker for their support of Just Stop Oil’s action at Wimbledon last week, and their proposal to take time at every sporting event to highlight the climate crisis. We need to be taking non-violent action everywhere and all the time in order to force this cruel and inept government to make the only sensible decision which is to end all new oil and gas licences”

“I love The Last Leg, this action is not against them in any way, but in fact an opportunity to invite the hosts of the show and all its viewers to join us in civil resistance against this criminal government.”

William John Ward, 66, a retired civil engineer from Epsom, who gained notoriety by throwing a jigsaw and confetti at Wimbledon, last week, said:

“I don’t want my grandchildren, nieces and nephews to suffer. Right now, millions of people are being forced to live in conditions that are beyond those necessary to support human life.”

“I can’t let this happen. I’ve had five meetings with my MP, Chris Grayling, and he simply doesn’t get it. He doesn’t seem to understand the warnings from the United Nations, from the International Energy Agency and from the governments’ own climate change committee. I have no choice but to get the message out in whatever way I can. I’m retired and want to enjoy my retirement, but I feel I have no choice but to take action. I’ve tried everything else.”

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Even the sycophancy of an amoral Tory press couldn’t save Boris Johnson

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Historians will be baffled by the readiness of Britain’s largest media organisations to lick Johnson’s boots for so long, and will surely look for an explanation. Part of the reason is ideology. Murdoch and the Barclay brothers personally supported the Brexit movement which propelled Johnson to power. 

Another is that Johnson cleverly ensured the major newspaper groups had a vested interest in maintaining him in office. Though lazy and incompetent, Johnson understands the press exceptionally well, and as prime minister managed it skilfully, giving the newspapers everything they wanted in exchange for their support.

This meant allowing media barons to set his agenda. The BBC has long been a target of the press—Murdoch in particular—because it occupies public space which corporate media craves for itself. Johnson’s attacks on the licence fee—and the briefing by allies of his culture secretary, Nadine Dorries, that on her watch “it’s over for the BBC” as we know it—look like gifts to his media backers. So was the appointment of an unqualified Tory donor, former banker Richard Sharp, as chairman of the national broadcaster. The same applies to the proposed Channel 4 sell-off.

Sunday Times Rich List: Frederick Barclay still wealthiest on Channel Islands

Who are the Barclay brothers?

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