How much tax do oil companies usually pay?

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Image of loads of money
Image of loads of money

Part of a wider article by BBC discussing the UK’s Windfall tax on big oil and gas companies.

Shell initially said it did not expect to pay any windfall tax for 2022, as its North Sea investments meant was not considered to have made any UK profits.

But on 2 February it announced that it would pay $134m (£108m) for 2022, and expected to pay more than $500m (£400m) for 2023.

BP said it would pay $700m (£583m) in windfall tax for 2022.

BP and Shell both received more money back from the UK government than they paid every year from 2015 to 2020 (except 2017, when Shell paid more than it received).

Shell also paid a negative amount of tax in 2021, taking its 2015 to 2021 total to -£685m of tax in the UK.

BP paid more money in tax than it received back in 2021, taking its total between 2015 and 2021 to -£107m.

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